Eleven Ways to Remember your Dreams

      The methods summarized here are those that I have found that will most rapidly accelerate your dream recall and success with dream incubation.

1. Remember – Recall – This is a very simple and powerful method for recalling your dreams.  Used over time, it can become a trigger phrase and has many other purposes.  When you wake up, stay absolutely still, and see if there is a dream present.  If there is no dream, repeat the phrase “Remember – remember – remember – Recall – recall – recall” silently in your mind several times.  Then wait in silence for a minute or two and see if a dream appears.  If no dream comes into mind, keep repeating this phrase for five or more cycles.  This will typically bring up dream about 30- 50% of the time.  On occasions, it may be possible to recall a second dream after the first one.  After using this method with some success for several months, you can shift the focus and ask for a dream about a specific subject of key importance to you.  I have found the dreams produced with this procedure to be rather short and have relatively fewer symbols.  However, they can also be quite informative and reliable.

2. Written – Recall – This approach is similar to the mental recall method discussed above but is done in written fashion.  Keep a pad of paper and pencil beside you bed.  When you first wake up, pick up the pencil and paper and write out the phrase – “Tonight I was dreaming about   _____ _____ ____” and just keep on writing whatever flows out.  This becomes a free write experience and the information can be treated just like a dream.  I used this procedure with good success but later returned to the mental approach described above as I found it to be simpler.

3. Change Your Bed Position – If your bed is oriented in an east – west direction, turn it in a north – south direction for several weeks and see if that improves you dream recall or if more precognitive dreams occur.  Also, sleep with your head toward the north position to see if that improves your dreaming results.  Feel free to experiment with these sleep positions, as they do not work the same for all people. One lady that I know dramatically improved her recall by simply moving from one side of the double bed to the other that was closer to a window.

4. Move To Another Room – If the room where you sleep causes problems, move to another room for a few nights and observe what happens.  The main bedroom at my home at Virginia Beach faced east across the Chesapeake Bay.  When strong winds or rain came from that direction, that room was excessively noisy and I had very few dreams.  So I adopted a practice of moving to a spare bedroom on the other side of the house, which was much calmer.  This was very effective, and I even used it at times when there was no storm present.  If I awoke early and there were no dreams occurring, I would switch bedrooms and typically start 5dreaming when I did this.  I have a somewhat similar situation at my current home in Mesa, AZ.  When it rains hard, the sound on the skylight in the master bathroom is quite disruptive.  So I switch to either a spare bedroom or the living room couch with good results.

5. Written Affirmations – Another very powerful means to increase your dream recall frequency is by using written affirmation statements for a period of twenty-one days or more.  This is done by composing a specific, short affirmation regarding the result you want, and then using it on a daily basis for an extended period of time.  An excellent format for such an affirmation that I use is as follows:
I am using his ever-present love to recall three psychic dreams every night now.
In practice, this phrase is written on a tablet twenty times per day for twenty-one days or longer.  It is really a form of behavior modification and can be used to change or promote any type of activity.  In this case, it is intended to promote dream recall.  I have used this method extensively for many years.  In the fall of 2004 and early 2005, I found my dream recall had declined to a low level of only 33 per month.  Alarmed at this drastic reduction, I used this written affirmation procedure for one month, and my dream recall jumped up to 60 per month in very short order.

6. Aroma Therapy – The book The Scented Veil by Carly Wall lists many possibilities for this technique with two chapters devoted to psychic dreaming and psychic meditations.  Scents that are supposed to promote psychic dreams are angelica, lavender, chamomile, and lemongrass.  Other scents recommended for lucid dreaming are anise, dill, and clary.  I started off using chamomile and immediately received a dream telling me to use rosewood instead.  I switched to rosewood and got good results.  So here is a clear-cut case where one must remain flexible and find out what works best for their own body in these situations.

7. Burning Incense – Burning incense is another method recommended for improving dream recall. Some sources recommend jasmine and rose to help remember dreams. For psychic energy, eucalyptus, sandalwood and jasmine are recommended. For spirituality, sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh are good choices.  Over a period of many years, I have come to prefer lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood for my own use.  Many suppliers offer blends of several incenses to promote dreams and these are well worth exploring. So check out a variety of incenses to find out what works best for your own needs. My dreams and meditation messages have encouraged me to burn incense every other day in at least three locations in my home. These messages have been very strong about using it in my study where I write and use the computer.

8. Crystals – Crystals can be extremely useful in promoting dreaming.  An ordinary quartz crystal held in the left hand can be highly effective.  It can be held in place with tape, by inserting it in a glove, or by wrapping a handkerchief around the hand.  Many other crystals can be used and placed in various locations.  Specific crystals to be used include amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and the Herkimer diamond.  In recent years, I have found kyanite to be the most effective crystal for meditation, dream work, and to be carried or worn on the person. Crystals can be placed in various locations including under the pillow, on a nightstand, or suspended over the bed.  It is strongly recommended that you evaluate a crystal or any particular location for two weeks to see if it is effective for you.  Consistency and intent are very important.  Experiment as necessary to get the desired results.  There are no right and wrong methods.  Crystals can be taped to the hand, wrist, or third eye location.  They can also be placed inside the pillowcase or under the bed.  It is also possible to place them in a grid arrangement around the bed.  Do keep records so you can tell what is working best for you and your particular bedroom.  Do make this a fun activity and enjoy your dreams.

9. Post It Notes – This method is extremely simple, and I first used it while writing my thesis on dreams in 2001 at Atlantic University.  Simply write out a very short dream request on a standard Post It Note.  Paste the note on your forehead and wear it there as long as possible.  I like to put one on right after lunch and leave it there till the next morning.  The adhesive on these notes is weak so they typically fall off while sleeping.  This can be corrected with a piece of Scotch tape to more firmly anchor them in place.  I have gotten some extremely good results with this procedure.  I normally do this for three consecutive nights.  If there is no dream on the desired subject, I move along as the time is not yet appropriate.

10. Radiac Device – The Radiac device is mentioned over 1000 times in the Edgar Cayce readings. Similar in appearance to a battery, the electrode wires are connected to the wrists and ankles in a rotational sequence. The effect on the body is to refresh and align your energy, improve meditation and visualization, and enhance dreams. I began using the Radiac device on a very frequent basis starting in mid  2007. Over the next seven months I had 123 treatments with the Radiac. There was a definite tendency to have a rush of dreams on the first application night including some lucid dreams. Subsequent nights did not show this rush experience but were definitely positive. For the entire 123  treatments, my dreams increased by 11% over the nights when I did not use the Radiac. I use a solution jar with gold chloride for most of the treatments and occasionally silver nitrate. I continue to use this device about fifteen times per month and it appears to help my overall dream activity including visions and psychic messages.

11. Vitamin B-6 – The strongest effect I get from any supplement is with vitamin B-6. Some books on this subject refer to B-6 as the dream vitamin. One book lists the side effects of B-6 by stating that it may cause overly vivid dreams. It is suggested that you use dose levels between 25 – 100 mg per day taken at lunch, dinner, or bedtime. It is also recommended that you consult with your own physician if you plan to take this vitamin over any extended period of time.


Walt Stover 2006