There are many methods for dream incubation.  Some of the methods shown above for improving dream recall can also be adapted for dream incubation.  The ones I have used with good success are documented below.  The success rate with dream incubation varies widely from person to person and for the nature of the problem involved.  I typically use a specific method for three consecutive nights.  If no dream appears on the target issue, I generally discontinue this activity as the time is not appropriate.  I tend to get my best results when there is a real crisis or urgency associated with the target dream.


Many writers have suggested ideas for incubating dreams and a listing of some possible steps is shown below.  This list represents a possible starting point to get the maximum possible benefits from dream incubation.  Over time, you may discover which of these steps works best for you and which can be omitted.  It is suggested you do this about once per month in the beginning.  Then work with the process over time and see what frequency is most appropriate for your lifestyle.

    1. Pick a target subject that is of major significance in your life.

    2. Pick a day or time period when you are not overly rushed or stressed.

    3. Avoid sleep medications, prescription drugs, coffee, and alcohol.

    4. Eat lightly or fast on the specific day.  Be sure to meditate on that day.

    5. Write out your target issue affirmation on paper at least 20 times and put that paper under your  pillow.

    6. Take a warm bath and play relaxing music before going to sleep.  Do not watch television.

    7. Put fresh sheets on the bed and burn incense in the bedroom.

    8. Kneel and pray for a response to your dream question just before going to sleep.

    9. As you go to sleep, keep thinking about your dream question.

    10. Do not argue with your spouse or other family members on that day.

    Upon awakening, write down all of your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and dreams that come to mind.  This process may be repeated for three nights if desired to get the maximum benefit.  Look carefully at all the dreams that occur even if they do not specifically mention your target subject.  They may be attempting to give you alternative pathways and actions you had not considered in your original dream question.  Be prepared to follow up and take action on your dreams even if they lead in some unexpected directions.  Over time, you will discover which of the steps listed above work best and which may be omitted. 

Post It Notes – This one is extremely simple, and I first used it while writing my thesis on dreams in 2001.  Simply write out a very short dream request on a standard Post It Note.  Paste the note on your forehead and wear it there as long as possible.  I like to put one on right after lunch and leave it there till the next morning.  The adhesive on these notes is not very strong so they typically fall off while sleeping.  This can easily be corrected with a piece of Scotch tape to more firmly anchor them in place.  I have gotten some extremely good results with this procedure.  I normally do this for three consecutive nights.  If there is no dream on the desired subject, I move along as the time is not yet appropriate.

    Written Affirmations – This is a modification of the procedure given above.  Instead of asking to remember dreams, you ask for dreams on a specific subject.  Some typical affirmations are shown below:

    I am using his ever-present love to recall three dreams per night about my college education tonight.

    I am using his ever-present love to recall three dreams per night about buying a new car tonight.

    I am using his ever-present love to recall three dreams per night about the stock market tonight.

The affirmation you use is written out on paper twenty-one times per day for twenty days.  The subject can be changed to fit your own particular need.  I used the affirmation shown above about stocks market dreams in March of 2005 for thirty days, during which time my investment dreams increased by about 100%.

    Egyptian Healing Rods – These tools can also be used to incubate dreams on a specific subject.  Before retiring, hold the rods in your hands and use an appropriate affirmation phrase such as the ones given above for the written affirmations.


Walt Stover 2006