DREAMING FOR HEALING PURPOSES - Do you have fascinating dreams? Do they include messages for healing your physical body. Join me now as I awaken you to the quest for such tantalizing and elusive information that can greatly improve your health and well being. My overall belief about dreams is that they are given for transformation, spiritual growth, and healing. My precognitive dreams started on a small scale in 1978 and have continued to evolve. Dreams about diet and nutrition have occurred quite frequently and comprise about 10% of the 15,000 dreams in my journals. Numerous other health issues have also been included that were of great benefit. .

DIET, HEALTH AND NUTRITION DREAMS – Some of my very early dreams focused on this critical area. In one dream from 1979, I walked through a cafeteria line and filled up my plate with scramble eggs and ham. When I turned my head to pay for this food, a waiter scraped the ham and eggs into a garbage can. I immediately stopped eating both of these foods. On another occasion in mid 1982, I returned from a vacation trip and was very ill from something I had eaten. The first night at home, I dreamed about living with a couple form India. The man from India was very sick and wanted to rush to see a famous doctor. The woman from India strongly advised him to eat some cherry pie instead. I made a very quick trip to buy cherries and they easily cured my digestive distress. On another occasion, my dreams had advised me to eat more bananas and I soon found myself eating them every day. This proved to be too much and I then received a dream in which I went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. When I look at my large supply of bananas, I discovered they had all been cut exactly in half. So I reduced my consumption of this fruit by 50.

FOOD ALLERGY DREAMS – Food sensitivities have played a major role in my life and dreams have provided remarkable advice. For many years I was bothered by lactose intolerance. Then a dream in mid 1995 told me to eat tiny amounts of chocolate every third day to cure this problem. I followed this advice and nine months later I had a dream in which I went out to lunch and was server lobster bisque soup made with heavy cream and two small cartons of milk. I then found I could resume eating dairy products without difficulty. Eating beef was a problem for many years and I generally avoided it completely. Then in late 2006, I was shown eating beef in three different dreams within a six week period. So I resumed eating meat and found it was not a problem as long as I took a teaspoon of yogurt when I ate lamb or beef. .

HEALING THE BODY DREAMS – In one instance in 1992, I had been having a recurring pain due to a pinched nerve at the C-5 joint on the left side of my neck. Visits to various doctors produce only modest improvements. Then I had a dream in which I was shown that my long term pain was caused by many years of sleeping exclusively on my right side only. Switching over to sleeping on my left side eliminated the pain problem in about a month. By far my most effective healing dream came in the spring of 1986. I had experienced back pain for a number of years but could control it with proper exercise. Then the pain increased and the exercises were no longer effective. In March, 1986 I had a dream in which I went into a library on a college campus and was led over to a table contain two large books. My guide pointed to the title on the first book. In big bold embossed, gold letters it said – “See A Chiropractor.” I followed up on this extremely vivid dream advice and my back pain issue was brought under control over a period of months by a proper series of chiropractic adjustments. .

DREAM RECALL AND INCUBATION – If you are an active dreamer now, you may want to explore the subject of dream incubation to create dreams on specific subjects such as physical healing. If you are not an active dreamer now, there are many possible paths to awaken and improve you abilities in this area. Both of these subjects are explored in detail in my new book Dreams –My Lamp Unto the Darkness. This book is based on my personal expediencies over the past twenty eight years with 15,000 of my own dreams. Do feel free to contact me.


Walt Stover 2006