DREAMING FOR PROSPERITY - Do you have fascinating dreams? Do they include messages about career activities? These types of dreams can be highly influential in your professional field. My overall belief about dreams is that they are given for transformation, spiritual growth, and healing. My precognitive dreams started on a small scale in 1978 and have continued to evolve. My own dreams have given me key advice about problem solving at work, accepting an early retirement offer, and relocating to a new section of the country. So join me now as we explore these exciting and highly rewarding possibilities. .

MY EARLY RETIREMENT DREAMS – In late 1984 and early 1985, I had a series of about fifteen dreams showing me exciting new possibilities in my life. In two dreams I was in a place of great danger and was saved my unseen forces. In one main dream, something happened at my place of work in Richmond, VA that was so exciting that I go out and buy a new house. Then in another vivid dream I went down to the railroad station and caught a train at the very last moment. When I looked around, I saw many of my friends from work were also on board. Then in early February, 1985, my company announced a highly attractive early retirement program. Then I full realized the information that my dreams had been presenting me in the past. .

Following this announcement, my dreams shifted and showed me many possible advantages in the future. In one instance, I was breaking out of a barbwire stockade and moving into a beautiful new garden. In a second dream, I was at some big celebration and was given a graduation. In a third I was shown flying to a new destination and easily maneuvering my small airplane amid heavy traffic to a safe landing in a big new city. Then in a highly compelling dream, I found myself trapped in an old wooden fortification building and surrounded my riflemen shooting at the place. The wise old man of my dreams who brought me highly accurate information in many earlier dreams appears and shows me a side door where I can escape and find safety in some new location. I took this highly attractive early retirement offer in April, 1985. I soon found an exciting new job in the fascinating city of Atlanta, GA and was delighted with this new situation. .

RELOCATION DREAMS – After leaving Atlanta in 1994, I moved to Virginia Beach, VA and continued my study of dreams. I also received a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies and wrote a thesis on dreams. But then in 2002, I seemed to hit a dead end in that location and decided to move west to be near my relatives in Las Vegas. These plans moved forward smoothly for a few months until my dreams intervened with strong waning messages. In the first dream I was living in a retirement home in Las Vegas and playing bridge at a recreation club. My partner was a woman who was making outlandish bids at the bridge game and we were being defeated in all of these situations. This dream clearly warned me not to over estimate things in the Las Vegas area. Then in second more ominous dream, I was crawling on my hands and knees across a barren desert with a large empty canteen hung around my neck. Suddenly I see a beautiful golden city rising up out of the desert immediately ahead. I rush into the city of Las Vegas and run all around looking for water to fill up my canteen. But no matter where I go, I can only find enough water to just fill half of my canteen. .

Following this second warning dream, I discontinued all plans for moving to Las Vegas. About one year later, I renewed my actions to move and picked Phoenix as my destination as several relatives lived in that city. This move went smoothly ahead with no warning dreams. I sold my home in Virginia Beach in just twenty two hours at a very attractive price with an all cash offer. On just one trip to Phoenix, I found the house of my dreams and completed the move in just two months. The new location has been delightful and I now see my relatives in both Las Vegas and Phoenix very frequently. .

DREAM RECALL AND INCUBATION – If you are an active dreamer now, you may want to explore the subject of dream incubation to create dreams on specific subjects such as career activities. If you are not an active dreamer now, there are also many possible paths to awaken and improve you abilities in this area. Both of these subjects are explored in detail in my new book Dreams –My Lamp Unto the Darkness. This book is based on my personal expediencies over the past twenty eight years with 15,000 of my own dreams. Do feel free to contact me.


Walt Stover 2006